SCOUT TV - v2 

Video & Audio Production, Stream & Amateur Radio TV Transmission

All things Scouting to learn the finer art of TV Video and Audio Production, YouTube Streaming as well as the skills needed for on air broadcast using Amateur Radio TV across the Sydney Metro Area.

What we provide is the skills and expertise to teach the youth how to develop content, produce and record the content as well as B roll, post production of the video, stream it to multiple platforms for everyone to enjoy as well as actual hands on experience with transmitting the video across the airwaves using Amateur Radio Frequencies onto peolples live TV's at home.

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Contact Details 

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Phone : (02) 9064 7690

Address : 135 Georges River Rd, Kentlyn NSW 2565

Aims of the Fellowship

Hume Region Scout Fellowship

Professional and Technical skills for Scouting Youth Training 

Aims of the fellowship are to bring Amateur Radio, Communications and Electronics to the Scouting Youth year round and support Hume Region with fundraising. 

JOTA(Jamboree of the Air 65th Year in 2023) comes around only once a year, as Licensed Amateur Radio Operators and more importantly, Adult Members as part of the Fellowship, we can bring Amateur Radio and all the associated communications and electronics specialised skills into your program as required. These form the basis of Science, Technology and Engineering skills. 

We have the ability to setup Radio Stations, Communicate around the world to other Amateur Radio Operators, provide wide games with Fox Hunt(hidden transmitters) tracked and located similar to orienteering find the check points but in this instance you have to find their location using radio rather than just on a map. 

We can offer assistance with study and even exam’s for any youth or adult member that would like to join the Amateur Radio Community. 

We are able to provide Videography, Video Production, Sound Recording and even reporter skills informal training and skilling for youth members and young adults who are interested. 

We are here to assist you with your program around communications and electronics, we have the specialised skills and experience.